A Podcast Fueled By Hate

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and so does the lack of coverage

one long shot does nothing to establish location, motivation, even action. where is swiney todd? why is he blowing the horn of abraxas? what is going on? #mandy minute 30

and so do you for listening to this show

swine blows a 'horn' and busey rolls down a window and you need to get out while you can, it's every listener for themself! #mandy minute 31

and so does waiting in a van for... something to happen

also, did they recast 'native american'? or did he lose a bunch of weight? or get a nose job? that's not the same guy from before, right? did they fire him because he ...

and so do these discount cenobites

this movie has not earned these monsters. it does not deserve them. #mandy minute 33

and so does this plan

but they've got bikes, and there's a jar of something and, yada yada yada, profit. #mandy minute 34

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